Current Situation

The home is in its second rented location and this is a very cramped two bedroom house. The lease expires in August and the landlord has indicated that they want the house back.

There are five residents living in the home now, two of whom have been there from the start. One resident Saila has improved to the extent that he works in the hospital in CSSD department. Two previous residents are living independently now and two have died. One was in his 80s and we were glad he had a home and was happy for his last 2 years of life and the other developed liver failure and died of pneumonia. Before living in the New Life Center she had been locked in her family home for many years because she would run out and scare people, but in her last years of life she was able to be part of the NLPRC community. One of the newest patients is bed ridden and so this has been quite a strain on staff.

There are now four care givers who cover the home for 24 hours care. There has been high staff turnover due to the stresses of the work, and one or two residents whom we could not keep in the home due to their disruptive behavior in cramped space.

Ganga Ram also lives there and is a helper. He is an older Christian man who has had a hard life and is remission from leukemia. He has proved to be very helpful as he can assist the mainly female staff with the care of the male patients.

Present operating costs: present 60,000 Nepali rupees per month approx (USD $600). This will probably remain the same as there will be no more rent needed after the move, although we may need more staff.


Process of how patients are placed in this center:

The patients are all from the hospital and they are admitted with acute psychosis or medical problems. Usually they have no family and often do not know where they came from or their families have had enough.

We only take patients when they are stable and the medical ward doctors refer to pastoral care who make the final decision if there is room.

We have started work in faith with only USD $7,000 left in the hospital account which is being used for the running costs.

The approximate cost of the new two story building is estimated to cost  USD $105,000.

Income generating ideas:

  • Vegetable garden
  • Poultry raising
  • Buffalo for milk
  • Goats for milk & meat

How long will patients be able to stay in this center?

For as long as they need to stay.  We estimate from our experience up to now that 50% will be able to return to independent living and 50 % will need to remain in the center.

In the new facility we will have capacity for about 16-20 residents and we will need the following staff:

  • House-parents – one Christian couple. This couple would maintain the community aspects of the center and be a stabilizing influence. They would live on site and probably in their own quarters.
  • Project manager – to manage the home, manage staff, oversee the income generating projects, marketing and keep the accounts. This person might be able to do some community awareness to raise mental health issues.
  • Additional six to eight care givers would be needed to be with the residents in shifts.  Two to three would be required during the day depending upon the number of patients.